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Revitalife Drip


Are Revitalife Drip infusion safe?

Revitalife Drips are compounded in a well-maintained sterile facility and are subjected to quality control tests to ensure sterility and absence of fever-causing toxins.[1,2]

What are the Revitalife Drip IV's made of?

Revitalife Drips contains only pure and bioactive vitamins, minerals and amino acids which are all approved by the US FDA

What makes Revitalife Drip unique from other vitamin infusions?

Unlike other drips available in the market, Revitalife Drips are aseptically prepared and adjusted in terms of pH, tonicity and osmolarity to avoid painful IV infusion and possible blood cell hemolysis or shrinkage.[3]

How long and frequent should I take the IV therapy to obtain results?

Compared with oral supplementation, IV infusion has faster onset of action in the body. However, noticeable results will not be obtained with just a single infusion. To obtain visible effects and total wellness, multiple weekly sessions of infusion is recommended which may last for a month or so.[4,5]

What kind of IV's are available?

Revitalife Drips offers a wide range of IV nutrition and therapy from aesthetics and dermatology, wellness support, body detoxification, to chronic medical condition supplements.

Should i get a Revitalife Drip before traveling?

Pathogens are anywhere and they can threaten your health. Travelling poses risk of exposure to different disease-causing agents that may cause various disease. Revitalife drips, by delivering essential nutrients directly to your cells, allows you immune system to achieve its peak level to protect your health from possible infections and diseases.[6,7]

Is there any potential reaction to receiving an IV while on other medications?

Revitalife Drips contains only pure vitamins, minerals and amino acids which are essential nutrients needed by the body. However, IV drips containing Magnesium should be avoided for patients who are under Digoxin treatment or Potassium-depleting drugs such as diuretics, beta-antagonists and glucocorticoids. To avoid any possible drug interaction with these nutrients, always ask your healthcare provider before having your IV therapy.[8, 9]

Is the Supplementation painful?

Revitalife Drip solutions are adjusted in terms of pH, tonicity and osmolarity to avoid painful IV infusion and possible blood cell hemolysis or shrinkage. However,mild burning sensation at the injection site is common during IV infusion. [10, 11]

Are there any side effects during IV process?

Revitalife Drips are generally safe for IV infusion as the pH, tonicity and osmolarity of each IV bag are adjusted to avoid painful IV infusion and possible blood cellhemolysis or shrinkage. However, caution should be observed for patients with glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD)deficiency/favism, chronic renal insufficiency, congestive heart failure, hypokalemic and hypotensive patients. Body responses also varies for every patient,therefore, slow rate of infusion is recommended at the start of every session.[12,13]


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