Iv drip

About IV Therapy

In recent years, the popularity of IV vitamin therapy has soared. Celebrities and influencers of social media say the IV therapies are the new must-have for wellness.

To get an IV therapy with vitamins and minerals, it sounds simple enough: just 45 minutes. The IV therapy can be performed in the comfort of your home, at a hospital, or even at your hotel room.

A host of documented advantages are marketed for the IV treatments. In addition to the most widely cited benefit of curing migraines, IV vitamin therapies allegedly can help combat exhaustion and boost the immune system.

IV therapy proponents say the IV drips work because they bypass the stomach and go straight into the bloodstream.

IV vitamin therapies can help provide adequate nutrients to patients with certain digestive disorders that their stomachs cannot absorb.

Before taking IV vitamin therapy, clinics and doctors will require you to have a consultation first. It’s also important to make sure you’re getting the treatment in a safe, clean environment. Be sure the IV is administered by a trained professional using only sterile needles.

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